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Project #04: Air Horn, Compressor And Smaller LED Headlights

Project #04: Air Horn, Compressor And Smaller LED Headlights

There were two goals for this project... Install a set of smaller "low beam" LED lights and install a Wolo air horn that I had laying around in the garage.

First, I wanted to install a new set of much smaller LED lights (because the large ones are not ok for road use). Second, I had a brand new Wolo air horn kicking around that I was going to use in a previous project but I ended up going a different route and didn't use it. Therefore, because of so many people keep nearly running me off the road because they can't seem to see me well, I decided to get it installed in the buggy.

Here are the exact parts that I purchased for this project:

This project included the following tasks:

  1. Decide the best location for the horn and compressor that is in front of the driver and out of the way
  2. Drilled mounting holes in the aluminum floor plate and installed the air horn and compressor
  3. Installed the new push-button switch into the center console
  4. Ran positive (+) wire from the switch to the horn location
  5. Ran an extra short ground wire from the horn to the chassis tubing
  6. Moved existing large LED lights back towards the windshield to make room for the small pods in very front
  7. Ran wiring from existing light switch in center console to new LED pods at front of buggy
  8. Mounted new small LED light pods at the top of the front shock towers
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