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Project #03: Off Road LED Lights And Good Side Mirrors

Project #03: Off Road LED Lights And Good Side Mirrors

Now that the buggy was more comfortable and fit two adults much better, I needed new lights for after dark and a set of side mirrors to keep an eye on traffic.

I found a great deal on a set of 6" round Anzo LED off road lights at a local O'Reilly Autoparts and then ordered a set of side mirrors from amazon. Although I was installing these large Anzo lights, I knew that they would not be legal for "low beam" highway use so I was still in search of another set for another project date later on.

Here are the parts I purchased:

This project included the following tasks:

  1. Remove existing headlights and all wiring
  2. Install wiring harness and new relay into dash console
  3. Connect relay to existing off/on switch
  4. Ran new wire from console to light locations at front of buggy
  5. Mounted new lights
  6. Installed side mirrors and adjusted properly
  7. NOTE: I added some rubber spacing to account for the fact that the mirrors are made for larger diameter tubing


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