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Project #12: Electronic Ignition System, Coil, Plugs, Wires

Project #12: Electronic Ignition System, Coil, Plugs, Wires

I have been dealing with problems for the past year with the buggy not wanting to start after I turn it off and it stranded me countless times because of it.

I have troubleshooted everything I could and even though I narrowed it down to electrical, I could never nail down the exact problem (even after replacing the coil numerous times).

Therefore, I decided to stop trying to fix old equipment and just replace the entire electronic ignition. After a lot of research, I opted to go with the PerTronix Flame-Thrower system (with the Ignitor II) and the huge 60k volt coil so that I can widen the plug gaps a bit for more performance.

Here are all the parts that I purchased for this project:

 This project included the following tasks:

  1. Removed old external ignition module, ignition coil, and distributor
  2. Weld new plate on side of engine cage to hold new large HV coil
  3. Mount new PerTronix HV coil to newly fabricated plate
  4. Extend a few wires to reach new coil location (further away)
  5. Installed new PerTronix Distributor and connected wiring to coil
  6. Removed old spark plug wires
  7. Removed left and right cooling tins
  8. Removed old spark plugs
  9. Installed new spark plugs (gapped at .030)
  10. Reinstalled cooling tins
  11. Installed new PerTronix spark plug wires
  12. Installed new extra-long MSD ignition coil wire
  13. Adjusted new distributor timing


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