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Project #18: Fire Extinguisher and Quick-Release Mount

Project #18: Fire Extinguisher and Quick-Release Mount

Fire is one of the fastest ways to kill your rail buggy and yet one of the easiest things to protect against. Invest in a great extinguisher and mounting system.

I must admit that I have been worried about the possibility of a fire in my rail since I bought it, especially considering I don't have full-coverage insurance (just standard liability). Fuel lines rot, gas tanks can leak, and carbs can go haywire... there are many ways a fire can be sparked in an instant.

Well, I finally got around to mounting a fire extinguisher and I am kicking myself in the butt for not doing it a LOT sooner. While this is not the cheapest project I have performed, I stand to potentially lose everything in a fire, which would prove to be MUCH more expensive in the long run.

Here are the parts that I purchased for this project:

This project included the following tasks:

  1. Make certain to purchase the mount for the correct diameter tubing (1.5 inch in my case)
  2. Connect extinguisher to the new mount (without tihtening everything completely)
  3. Place the extinguisher (with mount attached) on your rail to figure out exactly where you want it
  4. Once you determine exactly where you want it placed, bolt the mount down tightly and lok-tite it
  5. Tighten the mounting on the extinguisher after confirming location
  6. lock the mount, ensure everything is tight, and test the quick-release function

Here is another view of where I opted to install the extinguisher. I will also be installing a duplicate of this setup on the other side (passenger) in the near future so I will have two fire extinguishers, just in case:

fire extinguisher mount 02

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