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Project #17: Flag Whip, Billet Mount, and Heavy Duty Spring Base

Project #17: Flag Whip, Billet Mount, and Heavy Duty Spring Base

A whip (pole) with a flag is an important safety precaution, especially when off-roading or riding the dunes. Although it took me a while, I finally did it!

I actually started this project years ago by first purchasing a very nice billet aluminum mount for the flag whip. However, I wanted to wait until all of the painting (Project #07Project #10, and Project #16) was completed before installing it. Well... the painting project(s) took way longer than I anticipated, and I finally got that officially completed a few weeks ago. Therefore, I have now got around to tackling this project and researching the best options for the remaining pieces that I needed which are a good whip pole, flag, and a heavy-duty spring base.

Although this particular whip comes with an included bulb socket and wiring, I opted not to wire it in. I did, however, install a billet LED bulb just to keep the socket clear and in good condition on the off-chance that I decide to wire it in later on. All together, the whip stands at 9-feet tall on my buggy where I have it mounted from.

Here are all the parts that I purchased for this project:

Here are closer images of the whip, flag, and mounts:

33 inch rear tires difference

This project included the following tasks:

  1. Attach the billet aluminum mount to the tubing
  2. Drill a dimple (NOT all the way through) for the mounts' set screw
  3. Tighten the mount and set screw and use a little bit of blue loctite to secure
  4. Screw in and tighten down the spring base (secures using included lock washer)
  5. Screw the whip pole into the spring base hand-tight (for easy removal later)
  6. OPTIONAL: Wire the light bulb by running and attaching the positive wire
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