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Project #05: Roll Bar Padding And Fix Front Suspension

Project #05: Roll Bar Padding And Fix Front Suspension

Although new seats made a difference in comfort, one thing was still wrong... There was zero play in the front suspension and that made for a very rough ride.

The front suspension was especially bad on rocky trails and while the new seats (Project #01made it tolerable, the front suspension had to be fixed. I decided to take it in to have a professional look at it because I am still very new to VW's and I figured that while it was being worked on again, I would find a replacement for that nasty old roll-bar padding.

Here is the ridiculously cheap padding that I found and purchased for the bars, and the tape I wrapped them with:

This project included the following tasks:

  1. The fix for the front suspension was simply loosening the front torsion bar adjustment so that they were free to move.
  2. Cut off existing foam padding with a razor blade
  3. Made a single slice down the side of the new foam sleeves with a razor blade
  4. Wrapped the new foam around the bars I wanted to pad and cut to perfect length
  5. Wrapped the newly padded bars with black Gorilla Tape

In the image above, you can see the newly padded and taped vertical bar (left) and the old, not yet removed padding behind it (right). What a difference!

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