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Project #11: Trailing Arms, Bearings, Disc Brakes and Shocks

Project #11: Trailing Arms, Bearings, Disc Brakes and Shocks

Now for a truly large project... I found my stock rear trailing arms were bent beyond repair and making for a rough ride, bad noises, and badly worn tires.

Since everything in the rear was going to be removed for the project, I decided to also do a disc brake conversion, new bearings, seals, poly bushings, and new shocks all at the same time.

Here are the original trailing arms, old shocks and drum brakes (BEFORE replacing):

Old trailing arms, shocks and brakes

I chose really nice (extra beefy) aftermarket trailing arms but decided to stick with stock width and go 1" longer than original. The disc brake conversion widens each side by 1" and both of these upgrades allow me to use my current axles and keep the rear width within reason for the more narrow trail riding (+1 inch wider and longer on each side overall).

Here are the new trailing arms while in process of being painted:

New trailing arms while painting

Here are all the parts that I purchased for this project:

This project included the following tasks:

  1. Removed old shocks, wheels, drums, etc.
  2. Removed old trailing arms and axles
  3. Welded tabs to hold brake lines on the new trailing arms
  4. Welded heavy duty shock mounts on the new trailing arms
  5. Welded custom caliper mounts on the new trailing arms
  6. Installed new poly bushings on the new trailing arms
  7. Installed new bearings and seals all around
  8. Installed new disc brakes and calipers
  9. Installed new trailing arms with existing axles
  10. Installed and connected new brake lines
  11. Installed new Fox Shocks
  12. Mounted remote reservior on the frame tubing
  13. Installed residual pressure valve on new rear disc brake line
  14. Bled brakes completely

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