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My Base Sand Rail Buggy We Started With From The Beginning

My Base Sand Rail Buggy We Started With From The Beginning

This is information about the original buggy that we started with, prior to making any changes to ensure that we documented everything from the beginning.

In fact, the above photo is from the very first real outing where we drove from Chino Valley to Jerome (Arizona) via forestry roads. It included the following configuration and accessories at the time of purchase (more issues were discovered as time went on):


  • VW 1600 Type-1 engine ran poorly
  • Transmission shifted very hard, especially with 2nd gear
  • Fiberglass seats in front and back with no padding
  • Steering wheel literally in my lap, way too low.
  • Zero front suspension movement (completely locked up)
  • Headlights were Walmart specials and barely lit up at all
  • Was running a generator instead of a newer alternator
  • Frame was rusted heavily in places
  • No padding left on the foam bars, very old and deteriorated
  • Very old and nearly useless shoulder-strap style seat belts
  • Back seat completely useless because no room to sit there


  • Current VIN plate and registration for on and off road
  • Would start every time
  • Good, new back tires
  • Custom spare tire holder up top
  • Custom roof rack very stable and well made
  • Good condition Centerline wheels
  • Custom mounted jack by the spare up top
  • Working brakes front and back (drums)
  • Small aluminum console for ignition switch and light switches, etc.
  • Great exhaust setup with down-turned pipe and a spark arrestor
  • Great aluminum fuel tank solidly mounted
  • Nice, newer CNC aluminum pedals
  • Hydraulic clutch with CNC master and slave
  • Really nice Black Mamba aluminum shifter
  • Well designed custom tow bar included for 2" ball



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