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Project #10: Sanding and Painting Remaining Front-End Tubing

Project #10: Sanding and Painting Remaining Front-End Tubing

Sanding by hand and painting by brush is time-consuming but allows me to go slow. I can mask as I go and paint small portions of the buggy at any given time.

I actually painted the remainder of the front-end tubing in multiple different stages over the course of a year. However, for the sake of this article I decided to simply group all of that into one final "painted the front-end" project.

Here is the paint and sanding blocks that I purchased for this project:

This project included the following tasks:

  1. Remove flaking paint and heavily sand all surfaces to be painted
  2. Clean sanded areas very well with acetone to prepare for paint
  3. Mask areas that I didn't want to get paint on using masking tape and plastic sheeting
  4. Paint using brushes of various sizes depending on the area being painted
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