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Project #07: Sanding And Painting The Front Beam By Brush

Project #07: Sanding And Painting The Front Beam By Brush

The rust everywhere and old flaking paint finally got to me and I decided it was time to start painting everything the hard way, with sandpaper and a brush.

I really didn't want to take everything off the chassis because this is literally my "daily driver" so I decided to sand and paint a small portion at a time, masking as I go. I knew this would mean that painting would be a long, drawn out process, but at least I can do it as I have time. Note that I love the dual-angle sanding blocks because they can get into tight spots. I always order at least 6 sanding blocks at a time so I have multiple spares.

Here is the paint and sanding blocks that I purchased for this project:

This project included the following tasks:

  1. Remove flaking paint and heavily sand all surfaces to be painted
  2. Clean sanded areas very well with acetone to prepare for paint
  3. Mask areas that I didn't want to get paint on using masking tape and plastic sheeting
  4. Paint using brushes of various sizes depending on the area being painted

This image above shows the newly painted front beam after removing all flaking paint and then sanding heavily.

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