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Project #01: Comfortable Seats and 4-Point Safety Harnesses

Project #01: Comfortable Seats and 4-Point Safety Harnesses

We finally got our new buggy on the road and our first major ride was over 5 hours total. Unfortunately, we realized very quickly that we needed better seats.

That 5+ hours was spent sitting in the worst seats ever (fiberglass with nearly no padding) and because of the stiff front suspension, it was just a brutal ride. Therefore, the very first thing I decided to take on was to purchase and install more comfortable aftermarket seats and 4-point harnesses.

I was on a very limited budget and decided to purchase these cheap aftermarket seats and a decent pair of 4-point harnesses:

This project included the following tasks:

  1. Completely remove existing seats and seat rails
  2. Weld in new seat rails (further back for more leg room)
  3. Remove cross-bar that ran behind the original seats and move it back about 6 inches
  4. Weld new tabs to the newly relocated cross-bar to mount 4-point harnesses
  5. Weld new tabs to the left and right of each seat to mount 4-point harnesses 
  6. Install new seats and 4-point harnesses


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