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Project #15: Large Rear 33" Tires with Mud Tread (M/T)

Project #15: Large Rear 33" Tires with Mud Tread (M/T)

After installing the new transmission with such a low gear ratio, I now needed much larger rear tires to allow me to get up to highway speeds of 65+ mph.

I spent a crazy amount of time researching the best size tires for my needs and after installing the new trailing arms that are 1" wider and 1" longer than stock (Project #11), I found that I could now fit 33" tires on the rear. For that matter, I also discovered that I could stick with my current 15" wheels and take advantage of a 12.5" width. Therefore, in the end, I decided on 33x12.50r15 tires. This was very important because the new transmission gear ratio (Project #09) was only allowing a top speed of about 55mph with the smaller tires.

Cost was most definitely a concern, as 33" and larger tires get expensive quickly. I had a hard time deciding between the following four tires:

I eventually decided on the Thunderer TRAC GRIP M/T primarily due to reviews and price:

Here is the difference between the old worn 31" all-season tires next to the newly mounted 33" mud tires:

33 inch rear tires difference

This project included the following tasks:

  1. Remove rear wheels from buggy
  2. Air down and remove old tires from wheels
  3. Install new tires on wheels
  4. Balance new tires on wheels
  5. Air up to 16lbs of pressure
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