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Project #09: Rebuilt, Re-Geared Transmission With Low Ratio

Project #09: Rebuilt, Re-Geared Transmission With Low Ratio

The original transmission was extremely difficult to shift, had stock gearing so I had no power at all in 4th gear and just couldn't push the large tires.

If I had to go up hill in 4th gear (or if it was windy), I eventually needed to shift down to 3rd to make it and that became aggravating quickly. It was apparent that a different gearing ratio, while lowering the top-speed down to only about 60mph, would allow me to keep that speed consistently, even up hill or in strong winds. Therefore, I decided to go ahead and install a new transmission with aftermarket gearing.

Here are the parts that I purchased for this project:

  • Rebuilt Transmission with Aftermarket Lower Gearing

This project included the following tasks:

  1. Remove old axles
  2. Disconnect the clutch slave
  3. Remove the old transmission
  4. Install new transmission
  5. Install old clutch slave
  6. Install old axles
  7. Install new axle seals
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