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Project #14: Replace Back Seat with Custom Aluminum Toolbox

Project #14: Replace Back Seat with Custom Aluminum Toolbox

The back seat in the buggy has always been completely useless because there was never enough room to actually fit an adult back there and no way to climb in.

The only time I ever used it was to simply place a duffle bag on it to hold tools and spare parts when going for a long ride. Therefore, I decided I would like to transform that space into real (secured) storage of some kind. After taking some measurements and doing a little searching online, I came across the perfect option... I would install a Lund 32" Aluminum Diamond Plate Toolbox!

The goal was to have as much storage as possible while positioning the box to still be able to get the battery in and out and also not interfere with the transmission behind it.

Here is the toolbox that I purchased for this project:

This project included the following tasks:

  1. Remove the existing fiberglass back seat
  2. Fabricate (using angle-iron) a simple mounting structure
  3. To position properly, structure is held up in the front and hangs in the rear
  4. Painted the mounting structure
  5. Added rubberized grip-tape to lesson rattles and secure tightly
  6. Mounted the toolbox by drilling 4 holes in the bottom

Here is the "after" and "before" of the newly fabricated mount:

toolbox frame

And here is the toolbox fully completed, installed and in the open position:

toolbox installed 02

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